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Grace Unlimited Inspections
Residential Home Inspections

Professionally Serving The DMV Area


Home Inspection

Our team is here to thoroughly inspect & provide solid understanding of the intimate details for any home in the DMV area.

New Construction

From the first pour to the last nail, allow us to assist with a thorough inspection throughout any phase of building your upcoming home.

Walk & Talk

Some homes don’t need a full inspection report so we offer “Walk & Talk” service to inspect only specific aspects of your home.


It is said 1 in 15 homes test positive for deadly Radon gas each year, so it is highly recommended to have a Radon test performed with your home inspection or on its own for knowledge & safety.


Although no mold is good mold, some do present additional dangers and we are here to help you identify the cause and type of mold growing in your home as well as suggest effective ways to fix it.

Thermal Imaging

Allow us to use our professional equipment to thoroughly scan your home & help you find hidden imperfections you may not see otherwise such as water or air leaks behind your walls and ceilings.

Pool & Spa

Purchasing a home with a pool? Lack of maintenance can lead to safety and cosmetic issues. Allow us to inspect for basic function, cosmetic, and safety defects.

Deck & Patio

Weather and use can take its toll on decks & patios. A thorough inspection by us can help ensure your family is safely enjoying your outdoor amenities for years to come.

We’d love the opportunity to assist with scheduling of all your inspection needs.

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