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Residential Home Inspections

General Home Inspection

General Home Inspection

A Home Inspection is a visual inspection of all permanently installed components of a home. The inspector is responsible to report on any defects at the time of the inspection.

Here is a list of components that are inspected during a Home Inspection.

Attic, Basement, AC System, Crawlspace & Structure, Doors, Electrical System, Exterior, Fireplace, Foundation, Garage, Grading, Heating System, Insulation, Interior, Porch & Deck, Roof, Ventilation, Windows.

New Construction

A New Construction inspection consists of 3 Phases.

Phase 1: is an inspection of all the Footing proper installation. Footing should be 6-10 feet apart and at least 40 inches deep as well being a foot below the frost line.

Phase 2: is a Pre-drywall inspection that allows the inspector to verify all components generally hidden in walls, floors, or ceilings are properly installed.

Phase 3: is the final walk through where the inspector will follow the same guidelines and a general home inspection, where defects will be reported on all permanently installed components.

Pre-Sale Inspection

A Pre-Sale inspection is a standard Home Inspection for current owners that want to prepare to sell their home. A report will be provided to enable you to make corrections to your home to receive top value for what you are asking.

Walk & Talk

A Walk & Talk inspection is a 45 minute visual/verbal inspection of the home. No report is provided at the end of the inspection, and clients are advised to take pictures and note areas of concern. This type of inspection is designed for clients who feel they do not need a full home inspection and report, or for clients that have interest in a home and want a brief inspection before placing an offer.

Rental Inspections

Whether you are the Owner or Property Manager allow us to make yearly, move in/ move out inspections to ensure tenants are taking care of your investment. During these inspection we will Test all smoke detectors, check for damages or leaks from any pipes.

Specialty Inspections

Pool & Spa

A Pool & Spa Inspection is done to determine that the basic operations are functional. A report will be provided identifying all safety and cosmetic defects.

Mold Inspection

During a Mold Inspection the inspector will locate the cause of the mold growth and take a surface sample to send for testing. Results will be delivered in report form 48 hours after testing.


What Is Radon?

Radon is a natural occurring gas that you can neither smell nor see. According to the EPA, Radon is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer.

When to Test For Radon?

According to the EPA, anyone buying or selling a home should test for Radon. If results show more that 4pCi/L, than a radon mitigation system is recommended.

To learn more about Radon please visit https://www.epa.gov/radon/health-risk-radon .

Well & Septic Inspection

A well Yield Test is done to determine how many gallons per- minute a well system will produce. During testing all components will be evaluated for proper function.

A septic inspection consists of several aspects. The Inspector will locate the tank, identify the composition of the septic tank, the drain field location, water level, and determine the status of the front and back baffles.

For Well and Septic Inspections we partner with Homeland Environmental who provide a wide variety of inspections and repairs to accommodate all your needs.

Thermal Imaging

A thermal imaging Inspection is done to detect the difference between a wet area and surrounding dry areas. Thermal Imaging can help detect moisture issues that are not visible during a visual inspection. As well as detect areas where insulation is missing in walls and ceilings.

Deck & Patio Inspection

During a Deck or Patio inspection a report will be provided on installation and safety defects. According to the International Association of Home Inspectors, as many as 60% of deck structures in America have safety issues, and 90% of deck collapses occur from failure of the ledger board.

Chimney Inspection

During a Chimney Inspection, the inspector will identify unsafe conditions that could lead to a dangerous and unhealthy environment. For this service we partner with Clean Sweep where their staff will accommodate all your needs to ensure your chimney is safe and functional.

Pest Inspection

During a Pest inspection, the inspector will inspect the exterior/ interior for any signs of infestation, Damages, or areas that may attract pests. For this service we Partner with Pest Now to accommodate all your needs for identifying and removal of all pests.

Allow us to be your one stop for scheduling of all your inspection needs.

Inspection Companies We Partner With:

Pest Now    Homeland Environmental    Clean Sweep

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